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Schedule Checklist

The aircraft cleaning schedule and checklist is an easy and effective way of demonstrating all equipment is regularly cleaned. It is a set of time-based instructions that describe everything that needs to be done in order to maintain the cabin and cockpit premises in a clean and sanitary condition. A cleaning schedule is basically just a daily, weekly, or monthly plan for how you will clean the aircraft and the checklist provides a list of items that need to be cleaned during the short transit stay or as scheduled cleaning over the night.

There are different types of interior cleaning, depending on time available; the following schedule and checklist is only an example, which may have to be adjusted to more specific operations. For operations having short flights, minimum service and short turnaround time, the requirement for cleaning between reactors are limited to very few of the procedures mentioned in the chart below.

Aircraft Cleaning Checklist

Symbols:  ✓ Standard  ✦ On request
A: Stopover times under 60 minutes B: Stopover times over 60 minutes C: Overnight






Flight deck

Empty waste boxes and ashtrays
Clean crew tables and glass holders
Clean storage areas and racks
Wipe seats
Clean floor / Vacuum carpet
Clean flight deck windows inside
Clean door and walls


Dispose of waste from closets
Dispose of litter and newspapers
Dispose of waste in seat pockets
Collect and re-stow pillows and blankets (first, business class)
Fold and re-stow blankets in overhead bins
Restow pillows in overhead bins
Empty ashtrays
Clean tray tables and armrests
Clean cabin crew seat tables
Clean interphone surfaces
Clean cabin windows inside
Vacuum passenger and cabin crew cloth-covered seats
Wipe passenger and cabin crew leather-covered seats
Dispose of waste in overhead bins and wipe
Clean overhead bins outside and latch handle surfaces
Clean PVC floors
Vacuum carpet
Empty and clean ashtrays
Vacuum ashtray holders
Collect and replace blankets
Collect and replace pillows
Collect and replace headrest covers
Clean in-seat monitors
Clean passenger seat/service control unit panels
Remove passenger seat cushions and vacuum
Remove stains from carpets
Clean seat rails, cabin fixtures, air inlets, ceiling, sidewalls, closets, doors, service panels and magazine racks


Empty waste bins and insert waste bags
Clean doors, latches, ceiling, ventilation grids
Clean sinks, faucets and working surfaces
Clean retractable tables
Clean ovens inside and outside
Clean service trolleys
Clean PVC floors


Empty waste bins and insert waste bags
Clean toilet bowl and seat
Clean basin, faucets and surfaces
Clean mirror
Clean change table
Clean wall surfaces and interior and exterior door handles and locks
Clean PVC floors
Replenish soap dispenser
Replenish toiletry items

Crew rest areas

Dispose of waste from closets
Dispose of litter and newspapers
Remove sheets, pillows and blankets from each sleeping berth
Clean surfaces within each sleeping berth
Place clean sheets on mattresses and clean pillows and blankets in each sleeping berth
Clean controls (for lights and ventilation, etc.) and interphone surfaces
Empty ashtrays
Vacuum carpet
Clean any cabin crew seat tables
Clean any cabin windows inside
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