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Aircraft Interior Cabin Cleaning

Aircraft interior cleaning also is known as aircraft detailing service is the act of performing a thorough cleaning, restoration, and finishing. Interior detailing involves a deep cleaning of the whole interior cabin including galley, toilet compartments, passenger cabins, and flight deck. The purpose of inside cabin cleaning is to avoid health risks, restore the interior beauty, remove the offensive ordor, and to avoid the spread of dirt and contaminations within the aircraft.

aircraft interior cabin cleaning service

Our aircraft interior cleaning is a full package of service that includes labor, materials, and equipment. The company uses high-quality specialized equipment and cleaning solutions to meet the airlines and aviation industry cleaning regulatory standards.

Interior Cleaning

Interior Cleaning includes the vacuuming of carpets and seats, spot cleaning of stains in carpeting, seats and headliner; also cleaning the cockpit displays and gauges, interior windows, wall panels, countertops, lavatory seat and deck, entranceway steps and handrails and emptying the trash. The lavatory and galley cabinets and drawers require cleaning as well.

Aircraft Windows

The aircraft windows are normally made of glass or plastic and can be easily damaged during the cleaning process. It is therefore highly recommended that brushes and abrasive clothes shall not be used for such type of cleaning. The correct way of aircraft window cleaning is to use clean, soft, lint-free cloths that are specially designed and approved for aircraft or sensitive environment glass or transparent plastic cleaning. Along with the approved and recommend cleaning products, the aircraft window cleaning is carried out using the aircraft manufacturer’s procedures outlined especially for window cleaning.

Aircraft Cockpit

Aircraft cockpit cleaning involves vacuuming, dusting and cleaning the aircraft instruments and display screens. All components of the aircraft cockpit are cleaned with attention to details but with care to avoid damaging the expensive components. Only clean, soft, lint-free cloths and dust brushes are used on aircraft instruments and displays. Only approved anti-static fluids are sprayed onto instruments and displays.

Aircraft headliner

The aircraft headliners require spot cleaning. Areas are tested prior to cleaning to ensure the cleaning agent do not stain the headliner. Some headliners require dry cleaning agents only and will stain if a water-based product is used. We determine the special cleaning requirements for the headliner before the headliner is cleaned.

Interior Paneling and Siding

The interior panelling and siding varies with each aircraft but requires regular cleaning. Before cleaning areas are tested to determine if the panelling will stain. Silks/ delicates, fire blocked fabrics, and upholstery is cleaned using mild and recommended cleaning solutions.

Aircraft Carpets

Routine cleaning of the carpets is accomplished with a vacuum followed with spot cleaning. Semi-annually, the carpets are cleaned using a hot water extraction machine and a mild detergent pre-spray. The pre-spray shall is rinsed with a mild acid rinse approved for carpet cleaning. All soap residues are rinsed out with care not to wet the carpet backing. After cleaning, carpet blowers is installed to speed up the drying time. It is critical that the carpet backing does not get wet. If the carpet backing gets wet, corrosion may result on the aircraft floorboards. The aircraft carpet deep cleaning attempt to remove carpet stains such as coffee, grease and oils, and common food or drink spots.

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